Huwebes, Marso 1, 2012

Not Something for Nothing

Not Something for Nothing

What he had begun only lately to notice was this: that he had always noticed relatively little of what was going on inside of, and among, the things he encountered and this led him to recall noticing always what he had already possessed himself of: shining objects of memory. So that when, for example, he passed by something growing, something that had or had not bloomed yet, he would have had to wander back into the bright mountain meadow all ringed about with high pines and where all the names grew, to pluck a flower of designation and bear it back, through the shadowy woods, to the spot of attention. And it was because he could notice so little that he was able to call attention to things so startlingly sometimes. His mind was always wandering. He could point the way home.

by John Hollander

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